Echelon Insights Co-Founder Forecasts the Future


Republican political strategist Patrick Ruffini has a way with timing. The tech guru entered the field in 2002, when Internet campaigning was still kind of a novelty. Nowadays, the Internet is a fixture, and so is Ruffini. He heads two political firms — digital strategy shop Engage and research analytics firm Echelon Insights — and… Continue reading


Startup Hopes to Use FCC Database to Predict Ad Future


At this particular moment in the Denver media market, Republicans are winning the ad war more — in terms of dollars spent at any rate. Fifty-eight percent of spending on political ads currently running are from Republicans and Republican-associated groups. It’s a key detail in a heated race as Republicans try to unseat Democratic incumbent… Continue reading


NYTimes: “Ledbury: But Can They Write Fashion Code?”


On a brisk Thursday afternoon, Peter Semple strode purposefully through Google’s Chelsea offices looking for a quiet place to discuss his latest project. “I haven’t slept in the last four days,” Mr. Semple said, bypassing the cafeteria, which was blasting En Vogue, in favor of a curtained-off conference room with a large lime-green armchair at… Continue reading