“It all started with a report card I brought home in 5th grade – seems I was deemed a ‘disruptor’ in the classroom and it just kind of stuck from there.

It’s easy to find entrepreneurs who just want to make a quick buck. They are a dime a dozen. That is just fine for capitalism, but we are looking for entrepreneurs and ideas that seek to up-end the status quo and change the way industries — and even society operates. That’s the vision I had when I built my first company in the early days of the Internet and burning desire I felt as an early pioneer in social media.

We are in the midst of a new golden age of entrepreneurship – many fortunes, industries, reputations and jobs will be created or lost during this truly amazing period of time. We aim to help entrepreneurs with the minds, hearts, tenacity and guts to build great companies, winning cultures and new industries.

That’s why we do what we do at Disruptor Capital.”

– Pete Snyder
CEO, Lead Disruptor